Thursday, January 10, 2013

My girl is one!

Celebrated my little girl's birthday last week with family members. My sis bought her a pretty flower decorated cake. Mum made her some red eggs and gave her an angpow. Also received some new toys from sis and her hubs. She was so happy...not with the presents but with the company and attention from everyone. She is one super active girl...can't even be still for 1 second. We wanted to take more photos of her with the cake but it was so difficult. She wanted to grab hold of everything! She is still very much a baby despite being one.

That weekend, I made her another cake to celebrate in Malacca. Happy birthday my dear baby! We love you so much.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Clumsy me!

I have always been a clumsy person but this time I have a reason for being one.

After fetching my daughter back from the sitter's place...carried her from her car seat when her toy ball dropped and rolled to another side of the car...

Being in a hurry because it seemed like it was going to rain, I put her back into her seat while hastily went to the other side of the car to pick her ball. While picking up and walking back, heard her cry and knew that she had fallen from the car.

Rushing over to carry her, my left leg landed into the drain behind my car. Fortunately, it was dry. Step out of the drain to carry my girl and tried to stop her from crying. My tough girl had some minor scratches on her face and finger...I was heartbroken... so careless of me to have left the car door open. 

Only realized my bruise after she smiled and played in her playpen later...

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Back from long break....

It's been a while since my last post....lots has happened but wasn't able to update.

My little one has been keeping me occupied, leaving me no room for anything else. She's a handful indeed but we love her to bits.

LO decided to pop up early, almost a month ahead of her due date. Everything was unplanned and I didn't even managed to take a pregnancy photo. Nevertheless, we were delighted with her arrival. Breastfed her starting from the third was not easy but I managed. Will not elaborate further as those who breastfed will understand what I email me should you like to know more about how I managed and my entire breastfeeding process.

My girl is now 11 months. Went for a short and relaxing trip to Cameron Highlands a month back and am glad that all 3 of us enjoyed it. I was surprised that an infant actually knows how to enjoy a holiday...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Taking a Break....

Am on a long, long break and will continue to be for at least a couple of months more...not being able to access the net freely. Yup, I don't have internet at home and have limited access in the office. Not really complaining though...don't even have enough time to rest at home. I need more time! Feeling so tired these days....

Been having the whole day sickness lately, nausea and throwing up a number of times every day. Uh-huh, you got it! Little one is on the way : )

Got no photo to update at the moment. Came out for dinner without thinking about wanting to blog. At 13 weeks today and counting...

Some cheery tarts WK bought me a couple of months back. Just had to put a picture even it's not related. Love to have photos on each of my post. These tarts are only half a size larger than a RM 0.50 coin but they cost at least RM 2.00 each. Don't taste as good as they look though...and I can't even look at food photos nowadays...nausea, nausea, nausea....

Monday, May 3, 2010

Fish Balls and Prawn Crackers

Was in Malacca over the weekend and went around in search of things to have for breakfast. Bored with having our usual 'wan tan mi' and nyonya nasi lemak, WK suggested we have 'yu yuan'(fish balls) instead. We usually pack them for lunch but prefer eating them right at the stall this time around. I prefer to eat there even it it means having to eat like a cow (eat standing) just because the crackers are so much more crunchier.

This uncle usually hangs around Tong Hup as early as 10am to about 1pm. But he doesn't stays put at one location. Says that he will follow wherever the sun goes...haha...he'll be in the shaded area until the sun comes, then he'll moves to another location further down the road. He repeats this until the area is no longer shaded and will then move to another street.

This whopping plate of fish balls, 'tau kwa', prawn crackers, fish eggs and cucumber cost about RM 7. A standard plate cost about RM 5. One may choose to have just fish balls and tau kwa alone but I recommend the 'cham-cham' (mix everything).

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Can you spot me?

He-har! I need a ride...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Busy Times

It's been a long while since I last wrote and lots has happened since. My car radiator got overheated, my muffins turned out like 'kueh', work desk overflowing, wedding shoe strap broken, living ceiling turned moldy from roof leaking, still with the same job...

Nevertheless, I am still here..maybe a couple of months older and lacking enthusiasm but still here. Although sounding so pessimistic, I still have things to look forward to. Other than that, happy things and thoughts kept me through it all. I still love shoes, still hunting for furniture, still hoping to tour the world, still scouting for places with good food, still planning to open my own cafe, still dreaming...

Went to Shenzhen recently. Been watching too much Hong Kong movies to think that we can always get cheap goods there. Alas, we were there towards the end of winter and close to the Lunar New Year. There is nothing to buy but winter clothing and New Year goodies which tend to be more expensive during this season. All other items were not cheap either. Didn't bother to take many pictures...everywhere is so packed with people, RUDE people to be specific. But, am overall happy about the trip because that adds to the list of places I've visited.

Nope, this little friend is not from Shenzhen. Just had to add a picture to this boring entry. He was spotted in Cherating on a surfing trip end of last year. Didn't have time to write about the trip but had a great time, though tired and ached all over.